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Added Fixed links..

Hello guys! I fixed all the links in the download psp games section.
If there is still any broken links, please tell me by commenting there.

Thank you!
(I'll check this from time to time.. currently busy)



Few updates...

I'm going to update this blog from now on starting from the custom firmware tutorial and some minor topics..



Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep English patch released!


English patch of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is now released thanks to the patch-makers and to Keytotruth. It's on version 0.5 atm.


Menus: 90%
Various: 100%
System messages: 60%
Storyline: 1%
Minigames: 65%
Journal: 15%

You can find the video here. Credits to the patch maker and to Keytotruth.


**Instructions inside**


How to use in [Spanish]:

Instructions (also included in the file):
-Extract all the package somewhere.
-Extract BBS0.dat, BBS1.dat and BBS3.dat files (If you are using the 0.5 ISO then use those, but if you are using the old method, use the BBS_DEC files) from your BBS ISO.
-Open ppf-o-matic3.exe included in the package and patch them.
-Rebuild the ISO using the new BBSX.dat files (X being all the files) and the eboot.bin included in the package.

(Note: To rebuild the ISO with UMDGen you first have to choose the files, delete them and then drag the new file.)

If you weren't using BBS patch v0.5, I included the plugins in the package.
-Copy the whole KHBBS folder from the package, to your Memory Stick root.
-Go to seplugins and add "ms0:/KHBBS/KHBBS_patch.prx 1" (without the quotes) to the file game.txt (if you don't have such file, create it.

Screenshots proof:

Don't want to patch? Download the pre-patched game here: Download psp games

Thanks again to the patch makers!



Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley guide

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Game Information

• Japanese title: Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura to Minna no Negai
• Literal translation: Farm Story: Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish
• English title: Harvest Moon: Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish
• JPN Release: March 19, 2009
• NTSC Release: N/A
• EUR Release: N/A
• Official Site:
• Console: Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
• Import: (No Region Protection)


A new Harvest Moon game has been announced for the PSP: "Harvest Moon: Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish". The Harvest Goddess needs your help to save the town from being turned into a resort. With more fate involved in your decision making, there are 16 different forks in the road to choose from as try to save the town.

Return to Sugar Valley/Village to do what you did before! Save the Town (Homeland). In this new installment to the Harvest Moon universe, "Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish" takes you back to one of the less popular (but still quite popular) games in the series. There are sixteen endings that you will try to aim for along with wooing your future wife (something that was left out of Save the Homeland).

Jack, a little boy, ventures to the scenic Sugar Village to pick up his gandfather's belongings after hearing that he passed away. Once there, he learns the village will be overturned and converted into a resort. He is then approached by the Harvest Goddess and she asks you to rescue the village. Jack accepts, then goes to work hard to save the village and take over his grandfather's farm.


- An improved version of STH with extra characters
- Marriage is confirmed
- New endings
- 1 minute of the game is 1 second in real life
- 5 Part time job to choose from
- 7 bachelorretes to choose

- Equipment disappearing
- Chicken eggs become transparent

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question)

Q: How do you save the village?

A: You either need to raise 50000G in 2 years or do the storyline event, which will make your village to be famous.

Q: Is there any shipping bin?
A: No.

Q: How do I sell my stuff?
A: Go to the shop and sell them.
Flower shop to sell grass and flowers. Tool shop to sell ores. Bar & Café to sell your home made dishes.

Q: How do you cut trees?
A: You need to do 5 times part time job with Woody. Then the area will be unlocked for your own use. But there’s limited amount of trees that you can cut down.

Q: How do I mine?
A: Go to the mine ( located on the west of the Goddess Pond). Talk to Charles and do 5 times part time job. Then you’ll unlocked that place for your own use.

Q: How can I get fishing rod?
A: Buy it from the Tool shop for 600G

Q: Who is Ponta?
A: He’s a raccoon like creature(?) from River King series

Q: Is Harvest Goddess marriageable?
A: Apparently yes, but I still don’t know any further information about this.

Q: How can I get the dog and horse?
A: Its practically same with STH, for dog, you need to put food into the dog bowl everyday, until one day, you have an option to pick up the dog. This could take 15- a month long.
For horse, there's 2 options, either buy it from Kazan (Bob) for 5000G or do part time job at his place until one day he come and give you.

Starting off

The story is exactly like STH, except the unnamed amusement park is called "Leisure Land". The Goddess asks you three questions in the beginning as like a little personality test type thing to see if you're a good person. They are:

1. If you see a little puppy standing in the rain, what would you do?
-Take it home
-Pretend like I didn't see it

2. If you see trash lying on the ground, what would you do?
-Pick it up
-Pretend like I didn't see it

3. If you find some money on the ground, what would you do?
-Go to the police
-Take it


Thumbstick : move around
D-pad : camera
R button: open rucksack menu depend on the combination
-> R + left : open stuff rucksack menu
-> R + right : open tools rucksack menu
L button: whistle depending on the combination
-> L + Left : whistle for horse
-> L + Right: whistle for dog
Select : Open up the map
Start : to see your rucksack menu, money, events, and request jobs.

Here is the map that I’ve put up the details. Its quite confusing at first, but within a few days of play through you’ll understand it soon enough.

List of Part Time Jobs:

One way to gain money in this game is by doing part time jobs. There are several jobs that you can choose.

Taking care of animals
Location : Farm brownies
Time : Everyday except Thursday or rainy day. AM 8:00 ~ PM 5:00
Compensation : 50G + Milk (S)

Taking care of chickens
Location : Food store
Time : Everyday except Sunday. AM 8:00~PM 3:00
Compensation : 180G ~ 230G + 1 Egg
Notes : Took 3 hours gameplay

Ore excavation
Location : Mine
Time: Monday – Friday. AM 9:00 ~ PM 1:00
Compensation: 250G++ mineral crystals found
Notes: Do this job 4 times to unlock the mine for your own free use.
Job finished 5 hours later.

Location: Carpentry
Time: Everyday except Tuesdays and Thursdays, and rainy days. AM 9:00 ~ PM 2:00
Compensation: 200G + (30 x wood collected) + Mushroom found
Notes: Work at least 5 times to let you unlock the place for your own use. To cut down the trees requires 3 hit.

Clove Villa Chef
Location : Clove Villa
Time : Monday-Friday. AM10: 00 ~ PM 3:00
Compensation : 50 G if the requested failed. 200G + extra ingredients if successful.


There are total of 16 endings in this game, some of them are the same with STH but altered and the rest are completely new.
I still cant give you the complete guide step-to-step storyline to ending, but I'll keep updating this section whenever I've triggered any events.
* These events need time, so most of the time, you just need to wait, and play as usual to trigger the next part of the event.

## Blue Mist Flower 『ブルーミストとるり色オオアゲハ』 ##
Character involved: Basil and Lyla
* Found this complete guide from other forum
Now, you've heard about the blue flower within the village that is sadly
gone, and the rare blue butterfly that approaches that flower.
If you can raise a blue flower, will the blue butterfly return?

1. Blue Flower
Where: Front of your house.
When: Right when you wake up.
Season: Spring

Conditions: Lyra/ Good impression?
Related Characters: Lyra, Basil

2. Obtaining Blue Mist seeds
Where: Front of your house.
When: Right when you wake up.
Season: ?

Conditions: ?
Related Characters: Lyra, Basil

Note: Still must not plant it. *Not sure what this means from context

3. Ensuring a cultivation spot
Where: Front of your house.
When: Right when you wake up.
Season: Summer

Conditions: ?
Related Characters: Lyra, Basil

Note: Possible to purchase at Lyra's store, but it is the situation that
they wither. *Not sure what this means from context

4. Blue flower and the blue butterfly
Where: Carpenter's House
When: ?
Season: Summer

Conditions: ?
Related Characters: Lyra, Basil

Note: Added inquiry "Blue flower and the blue butterfly".

5. Don't be discouraged
Where: Harvest Goddess Spring
When: ?
Season: Summer

Conditions: ?
Related Characters: Lyra, Basil

Notes: Definitely withers when bought from Lyra's store. *Not sure what
this means from context

6. Withered flower and the unripened love
Where: Harvest Goddess Spring
When: ?
Season: Fall

Conditions: After Basil began his trip.
Related Characters: Lyra

*Event Clear*

# Endangered Animal 『希少保護動物』
Character involved: Sara (Gwen)
*Found complete guide from other forum
1. Get involved!
Where: Front of your house.
When: Right when you get up.
Season: Spring or Summer

Conditions: Sara/ Good impression?
Related Characters: Sara

2. The white beast runs away
Where: Front of your house.
When: Right when you get up.
Season: Summer

Conditions: After the first one?
Related Characters: Sara

Notes: Added inquiry "Animals running away".

3. Sara confessed
Where: Front of your house.
When: Right when you get up.
Season: Winter

Conditions: After the second one?
After the first mechanical disturbance ends

Related Characters: Sara

5. Photographing the white beast
Where: Mt. Kokutou
When: Night
Season: ?

Conditions: ?
Related Characters: Sara/Rune?

6. Protected animal
Where: Carpenter's House
When: ?
Season: ?

Conditions: After a fixed period than the things mentioned above.
Related Characters: Sara/Rune?

7. Patrolling
Where: Front of your house.
When: Right when you get up.
Season: ?

Conditions: After a fixed period than the things mentioned above.
Related Characters: Sara

Notes: Has several occurrences.

8. Sara's thanks
Where: ?
When: Right when you get up.
Season: ?

Conditions: After Leisure Land discontinues construction.
Related Characters: Sara

*Event Clear*
# Treasure Hunt 『黄金イモ』
Character involved: Tim, Dia, and Woodie


# Cake contest 『ケーキコンテスト』
Character involved: Katie


# Harvest Goddess Dress 『女神様の衣装』
Character involved: Gina, Katie
1. Gina and Katie conversation
Where: Food Store
When: 8 am onwards
Season: Spring

2.Gina come to consult
Where: In front of your house
When: After wake up
Season: Spring- Summer

# Blue Bird of Happiness 『幸せの青い鳥』
Character involved: Wallie, Aurellia

1. Sound of Ocarina
Where: infront of the Cafe
When: 8am onwards
Season: Summer

# Horse Race 『草競馬』
Character involved: Kazan (Bob) & Your Horse

# Fish Story 『湖の主』
Character involved: Shin (Joe), Woodie

# 100 Cherry Trees 『百年桜』
Character involved: Basil , Tim, Woodie

# Harvest Goddess Temple 『女神様の神殿』
Character involved: Harvest Goddess, Harvest Sprites, Rudolph

# Legendary Painting 『伝説の絵画』
Character involved: Chester, Tim

* Click on the names for the picture of the character
* Gift that I mentioned here is easy items that you can give to them from early game
without require you to spend lots of money.

The hero of Sugar Village & Everyone's Wish. As you may remember, he saved the homeland last this sequel to "Save the Homeland", he must save the land again!

Profile Info:
Birthday: ???
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Favorite: ???
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???


Sara (Gwen)
A young woman with a big heart who loves the village very much. She is very distant with outsiders and can even have a harsh tongue at times. She loves animals -- especially horses.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Summer 8th
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Favorite: Wild mint flower, Milk G, Cranberry, Full moon berry
Likes: Lumber, vegetables, berries
Dislikes: Ores, bugs, grasses, pink cat flower, fodderGift: Milk, Vegetables

Lyla is the owner of a flower shop, she's always happy and smiling. She might be a bit older and more mature than she seems. Lyla loves to dream her days away in her shop and is a very romantic young woman. She dreams
of falling in love.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Spring 27th
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Favorite: Pink cat flower, Full moon berry
Likes: Flowers, berries, nuts
Dislikes: Ores, bugs, grasses, failed dishes
Gift: Pink Grass, Milk, Flower, Berries

The spoiled girl that lives at the villa with Gina and Martha. She was left in Martha's care when her parents divorced, and this seems to have left a bit of an emotional scar on her. It will take some patience getting her to open up and realize the mistakes she made, but it will definitely be worth it.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Winter 9th
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Favorite: Blueberry, Full moon berry
Likes: Cooked dish, very berry
Dislikes: Ores, bugs, grasses, failed dish
Gift: VeryBerry

Gina works in the village alongside Martha. She is a sweet, subservient young woman who had grown up beside Dia as her chambermaid. She always has others on her mind and never seems to stop giving it her all. Gina harbors a secret passion and a wonderful skill for tailor work.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Autumn 20th
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Favorite: Golden milk, golden egg, Stardust flower
Likes: Fish dish, eggs, milk
Dislikes: Ores, bugs, grasses
Gift: Eggs, Milk, Fish

This young lady LOVES sweets. She is a precocious 16 year old who wants to grow up before her time. She works with her grandfather in his cafe in the daytime, but is forbidden from entering the building at night when it is transformed into a bar. Sometimes she may be a little too sensitive about her less than wonderful cooking.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Autumn 29th
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Favorite: Blue Mist flower, Full moon berry
Likes: Eggs, milk, Milk G, Golden egg
Dislikes: Bugs, grasses
Gift: Cheese, Eggs

Aurelia is a Sister who came to Sugar Valley with Chester. She is always supporting him and follows him wherever he goes. She is a strong-willed young woman with a bit of a straightforward nature, but she displays grace when playing the Ocarina.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Autumn 5th
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Favorite: Lumber
Likes: Very Berry, egg dishes, seashells
Dislikes: Junk ore, grass
Gift: Wood, Veryberry, Eggs

Alice is the manager of the company that plans to convert Sugar Village into a "Leisure Land", she will occasionally visit the village to cause
trouble and hamper progress.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Spring 5th
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Favorite: Rare ore, jewelry, accessories
Likes: Ores
Dislikes: Failed dishes
Gift: Blue diamond, moonlight stone, Orihalcon (basically all the expensive
items you got from the mine)

Harvest Goddess
The great protector of the land. She has magical powers and gives blessing to the land with nature and beauty.

Profile Info:
Real Name: Marina
Birthday: ???
Height: 170 cm
Weight: ??? kg
Favorite: Farm Produce
Likes: Berries, Honey, Fruits
Dislikes: Ores, bugs, grasses
Gift: Vegetables, anything except bugs and grasses

[url]Hayato (Kurt) [/img]
A stoic apprentice carpenter who is very focused on his work. He is Joe's brother and is never one for small talk. Don't be fooled by his gruff nature though. Underneath it all he is a very sensitive young man.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Winter 10th
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Favorite: Tomato, tomato risotto
Likes: Red herb, Lumber
Dislikes: Failed dishes, bugs
Gift: Tomatoes, Fish

Shin (Joe)
Kurt's lively younger brother. Joe is a social guy who can sometimes speak bluntly. He enjoys drinking at the bar and fishing is his favorite pastime. He also serves an apprenticeship from Woody alongside his brother.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Summer 10th
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Favorite: Fish Dishes
Likes: Vegetables, Lumber
Dislikes: Grass, bugs, herbs, red herbs Gift:Fish cuisine, Fish, vegetable,

Wood (Woodie)
The old master carpenter who teaches Joe and Kurt the trade. He is a spry old man who is as strong as he was in his youth. He has something of a pessimistic attidtude, but cares deeply for his home and what will become of it.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Winter 2nd
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Favorite: Golden Egg
Likes: Olive oil, Red herb
Dislikes: Grass, bugsGift:Eggs

Gina's grandmother and Dia's caretaker. A warm, cheerful busybody who is
like a mother figure to all she befriends. Gina's only family.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Winter 25th
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Favorite: Jams, special cheese, special cheesecake
Likes: Eggs, milk, cooked dishes
Dislikes: Grass, bugs
Gift: Milk, Egg, Cheese

Ronald owns the supermarket in town and is a cheerful Latin fellow with a loud voice. He loves to eat and be merry.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Spring 11th
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Favorite: Pudding
Likes: Walnut, Chestnut, cake, Cooked dishes
Dislikes: Grass, bugs
Gift: Egg

Rune (louis)
An eccentric inventor with a shy demeanor who runs the tool shop in Sugar valley. He might seem clumsy or spaced out, but has a level of brilliance and dedication when it comes to all things scientific. He gets flustered around the ladies, especially Lyla. He is a very gentle soul.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Autumn 2nd
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Favorite: Golden egg, egg dishes, rare metal
Likes: Eggs, ores
Dislikes: Failed dishes, junk ore

A gruff man working in the mines for Leisure Land's company. He doesn't say much, but lets you reap the benefits of the mine after getting to know him some.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Autumn 14th
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Favorite: Rare metal
Likes: Red herb, cooked dishes, Ores
Dislikes: Grass, bugs, junk ore
Gift: Food, Copper, herv

Wall (Wallie)
The old master of the cafe. Katie is his granddaughter and he looks after the cafe as best he can in his dotage. He possesses a great skill with baking that unfortunately wasn't passed down to his granddaughter. He is cheerful and accommodating, but absolutely forbids Katie from working in the bar, which the cafe becomes after the sun goes down

Profile Info:
Birthday: Summmer 21st
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Favorite: Cooked dishes
Likes: Olive oil, Red Herb, Walnuts
Dislikes: Grass, bugs

Parsley (Basil)
An energetic plant hunter who loves his work.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Spring 16th
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Favorite: Vegetable dishes, Herb
Likes: Red herb, Pontata root
Dislikes: Grass, bugs, failed cooking, ores
Gift:Vegetable, Food, potato,pink grass

A Priest who came to Sugar Valley with Aurelia. He has a strong belief in the Goddess and came to teach the valley's inhabitants of her wonders, but because of his strange manner and conduct, he is often left without companions.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Winter 25th
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Favorite: Rare metal, Diamond earring
Likes: Honey, Ores and minerals
Dislikes: Grass, bugs, failed cooking, junk ore
Gift:Bluerock, orihalcon, moonlight stone

Kazan (Bob)
A surly guy who works at Brownie ranch. He loves animals, and though he may look grim or unfriendly, he's actually got quite a tender heart. He cares for animals as if they were his own children and is the sole caretaker of his little brother, Tim.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Summer 1st
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Favorite: Honey, cake, milk G
Likes: Egg, milk
Dislikes: Grass, bugs, failed dishes
Gift: Milk, Egg

A mischievous little guy who's interested in adventures and treasure hunting. He's brave and very energetic. He loves his big brother.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Autumn 12th
Height: 143 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Favorite: Bugs, eggs, golden eggs
Likes: cooked dishes
Dislikes: Grass
Gift:Egg, bugs

A playful little Tanuki who loves to fish. Remember him from River king?

Profile Info:
Birthday: ???
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Favorite: Fish dishes
Likes: Fish
Dislikes: Grass, junk ore


Gol Dodo
A trader from a faraway land that appears in the village one day. Apparently he cannot return home until he finds something, but no one knows what he's looking for.

Profile Info:
Birthday: ???
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Favorite: (?)
Likes: Junk ore, grass
Dislikes: (?)

One of Alice's "goons" or bodyguards. He loves to tinker around with crazy machines.

Profile Info:
Birthday: Winter 23rd
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Favorite: Rare metal
Likes: Ores, honey
Dislikes: Grass, bugs, failed dish, junk ore
Gift: Ores


One of Alice's "goons" or bodyguards.
Profile Info:
Birthday: Spring 1st
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Favorite: Milk G, golden egg
Likes: Eggs, Red herb, milk
Dislikes: Grass, bugs, junk ore, failed dish

Harvest Sprites
A crazy little bunch of sprites; even with their clumsiness, they will still help you in this game.

Profile Info:
Birthday: ???
Height: 32 cm (David) 29 cm (Ebony) 30 cm (Flat)
Weight: 2 kg (David) 2 (Ebony) 3 kg (Flat)
Favorite: Mushroom
Likes: Cooked dishes, eggs, milk
Dislikes: Truffles
Gift: Eggs, Milk

(C) Rough Guide by Lunatia
Game details, Introduction,Story, taken from

~~~~Happy Gaming!~~~~
~Download the patched and fixed version here~



Dead Or Alive Paradise - GIFTS to get for girls profile - OFFICIAL GUIDE

The babes of Team Ninja's bodacious fighting game once again take a break to enjoy some fun in the sun with this PSP spin-off from the Dead or Alive series. The game features all the Dead or Alive lovelies, basking in the tropical sun of New Zack Island. You will be able to mingle, flirt, play, take snapshots,and challenge the girls in various mini-games found throughout your private island.
Indulge in beach volleyball, pool hopping, then visit the revamped casino resort run by the enigmatic Rio.

With an exhaustive shopping option as well, spend your hard-earned ZACK currency on hundreds of cool items, from clothes to gadgets then keep them for yourself or give them as gifts to your new girlfriends. The more gifts you give, the stronger your bond with them will grow. You'll also be able to snap candid photos of your giggling beauties in their beachwear which you can store in your very own private photo album and collect Venus Clips to enjoy later. It's all on-the-go, and all in the palm of your hand. Take your girls anywhere!

DRINK - Iced Cafe Au Lait
FOOD - Strawberry Mile-Feuille

FOOD - Cheesecake

DRINK - Iced Coffee
FOOD - Donuts

DRINK - Orange Juice
FOOD - Sachertorte

DRINK - Iced Tea
FOOD - Blanc Manger

DRINK - Chinese Tea Set
FOOD - Almond Tofo

DRINK - Tropical Fruit Punch
FOOD - Cherry Pie

DRINK - Tea Ceremony Set
FOOD - Japanese Dessert

DRINK - Cream Soda

DRINK - Ginger ale
FOOD - Gingerbread Cookies

Have fun!! Download the full game here (patched) : PSP Games: Dead or Alive Paradise [patched]


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